DeBeukelaer loyalty promotion to ensure extra sales

Attention for the wide product range of the strong umbrella brand / Attractive rewards and collection effect will increase demand and repeat purchase rate

Griesson - de Beukelaer (GdB) is attracting consumers’ attention to the successful DeBeukelaer brand even more by means of a loyalty promotion: KEX, Cereola, Cookies Bakery and ChocOlé products will be taking part in the promotion from July. Together with the outstanding DeBeukelaer product quality and the wide product range, the promotion is sure to create a high demand for the popular products and increase awareness of the umbrella brand.

The participating products with loyalty points on the packs will be available from retailers up to and including February 2017: consumers have until then to cut the points out and stick them in a collecting album. Once this has been completely filled, it can be sent in and exchanged for an attractive reward of the consumer’s choice: just three points need to be redeemed for the Cookies Bakery cup in a trendy newspaper design. The fun wooden throwing game “Hölzzy” is available for ten loyalty points, and a mobile Boom Ball mini-loudspeaker with perfect sound and a rich bass for 15 points.

Consumers are already familiar with the three-stage principle of a loyalty promotion – collect points, stick them in and send them off – so this promotion promises strong sales: with the great rewards available, GdB is creating new incentives for consumers to buy the popular products of the traditional DeBeukelaer brand. The collection effect will not only increase the repeat purchase rate for those biscuits the consumers already know, but will also attract them to the other participating products: hence they will be stimulated to make spontaneous new purchases and will also be more consciously aware of the breadth of the product range under the unifying umbrella brand DeBeukelaer. The presence of the full variety of products in the retail outlet and the collection albums on display in eye-catching secondary placements will also ensure additional impulse buys.



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