Fair indulgence: the new Fair Choc by Griesson

Classic butter biscuit with whole milk chocolate and Fairtrade-certified ingredients / packaging design in the new, modern Griesson brand look

Fair, chocolatey, sustainable: Griesson - de Beukelaer (GdB) is launching the new Griesson Fair Choc (125 grams) biscuit variety from July. GdB is using fairly traded ingredients for the chocolate butter biscuit with a sweet heart motif, as the cocoa and sugar are grown, traded and tested according to Fairtrade standards. Griesson is therefore expanding its fair range by adding another product in top Fairtrade quality to the Fair Cookies. This will also further strengthen the focus on high-quality and more sustainable ingredients, in keeping with the Griesson motto: “We love what we bake.”

With the new Griesson Fair Choc, GdB is addressing a young and modern target group who place importance on the origin of raw materials and sustainable indulgence. The fair chocolate biscuit with heart motif invites you to enjoy moments with loved ones and is the perfect treat for a relaxing afternoon. 

FAIRLY tempting biscuits
The classic butter biscuit with whole milk chocolate is available from July as Fair Choc for existing Fairtrade buyers and new users. The packaging design in the new and modern Griesson brand appearance makes you want to try them. Griesson Fair Choc is therefore also ideal as an enticing product for the Fairtrade handout and promotion placements.



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