A fruity start with a tropical flair: Griesson Soft Cake of the season with pineapple

The enjoyment of Soft Cake with a tart, fruity flavour / pineapple version available from January

Griesson - de Beukelaer (GdB) continues to write its fruity success story: the new Griesson Pineapple Soft Cake (300 grams) is available at retailers from January. The combination of biscuit, crisp chocolate and fruity-tart pineapple provides variety as a Soft Cake of the season, and complements the varied Soft Cake range with the varieties Orange, Cherry, Strawberry, Whole Milk Orange and Orange Minis.

Pineapple stands for tropical enjoyment and is a fruit which is popular all year round. With its lightly acidic and refreshing fruit flavour, pineapple gives all fans of Soft Cake a delicious break: fruity moments of pleasure at home with the family, friends and loved ones, following our Griesson brand motto, “We love what we bake!” The taste experience creates curiosity and corresponds to the wishes of the consumer for variety and change. With its trendy sense of variety, the Griesson Soft Cake of the season generates exclusive buyers and caters for additional attention among shoppers.


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