Griesson Zebraaa Bites – crunchy fun for the whole family

Scrumptious snacking and nibbling without messy fingers: crunchy waffle wedges filled with nut nougat cream; available from March

Polch, 16. February 2023: – Griesson - de Beukelaer is all set to launch a new waffle creation under the Griesson brand: Zebraaa Bites (90 grams) – crunchy waffle wedges filled with nut nougat cream – are the perfect treat for those little and big moments of indulgence. What’s more, with their practical packet format and the zeb-ra-look mini waffles enveloping a soft centre of delicately nutty cream, Griesson Zebraaa Bites are a mouth-watering companion for when you are on the move too. 

Griesson Zebraaa Bites make for enjoyable moments and crunchy, munchy fun without the mess of fingers daubed in chocolate – whether at home, as an everyday companion or out on trips with the family, friends and loved ones, and all perfectly in keeping with the Griesson brand motto: ‘We love what we bake!’ With their packag-ing design in cheerful colours, the Zebraaa Bites attract attention on the shelf and among shoppers from young to old. 


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