Griesson - de Beukelaer increases sales volumes and turn-over

Successful 2023 financial year; Prinzen Rolle defends its no. 1 position in the market

Despite adverse conditions and the many and diverse challenges they faced, Gries-son - de Beukelaer GmbH & Co. KG (GdB) are well pleased with the 2023 financial year. The family-run business headquartered in Polch in the German state of Rhine-land-Palatinate increased their turnover on the previous year by 22 per cent to €691m (2022: €566.9m). Sales volumes were up slightly to 162,000 metric tons. The result for the financial year was in line with expectations. The main drivers of the increase in turnover were necessary prices rises and changes in the product mix. International business accounted for some 56 per cent of the total turnover, primarily in other European countries and North America. 
‘Thanks to the outstanding commitment of all our employees, we were well able to cope with the difficult challenges the year brought, for instance the inflation in raw and packaging materials, the energy prices, the uncertainties in the supply chains, and not least the tense situation on the job market,’ explains Dany Schmidt, compa-ny CEO. GdB achieved significant increases in turnover in both the brands sector and in the own-label business, and Prinzen Rolle defended its position as the best-selling individual product in the sweet baked-goods market. Equally pleasing was the development seen in other well-known brands the company produces, such as Griesson, LEICHT&CROSS and Cereola.

Successful innovations 
particularly proud that with Cereola ChoViva, a cocoa-free chocolate alternative made from domestic crops, we are able to present a true innovation,’ adds Dany Schmidt. The company also expects further successes with the Häppy Chips, the new product for the LEICHT&CROSS brand. Both products show that GdB is increasingly focus-sing on sustainability in its new launches – by opting for sustainable raw materials and also as regards packaging, for example by reducing the plastics used. The com-pany expects the macroeconomic parameters in 2024 to bring further challenges but it is optimistic that the positive development of recent years will continue.


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