Indulgence & fun in one: Chocodo by Griesson is in line with the trend

Fun crispy biscuits with two tasty sides made of milk chocolate and white chocolate

Chocodo, the new product from Griesson (160 grams), is the perfect blend of delicious milk chocolate and white chocolate on crispy biscuit to create a harmonious duo of tastes. With their playful character, the twice as tasty biscuits are in keeping with the current sweet biscuits trend: four playful icons invite you to an entertaining biscuit laying game. One of the chocolate sides is decorated with a heart, a star, a smiley face or a figure throwing her arms up in joy. While you’re already enjoying one of the biscuits, you can line them up in a row – for example, heart to heart or colour to colour. To be able to enjoy playing with them on the go, the new Chocodo by Griesson is available in practical portion packs – naturally also for sharing at home or as a small break snack for school and the office. When Chocodo is packaged, the otherwise customary sorting insert is not used for the portion packs. Since sustainability is firmly rooted in GdB’s DNA, this also significantly reduces plastic. 


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