New Griesson Soft Cake of the Year: Lemonade Ginger style

The new Soft Cake of the Year with lemony fruit filling and refreshing hint of ginger is in keeping with the trend

With the new Griesson Soft Cake Lemonade Ginger style, Griesson - de Beukelaer (GdB) is enriching its diverse and fruity soft cake range with a trendy trio of flavours with soft sponge cake, aromatic fruit and ginger filling, and crisp dark chocolate. The lemony freshness and slightly sweet spiciness of ginger add a modern flavour to the popular range of soft cakes with fruit filling and crisp chocolate. The innovative Lemonade Ginger style goes perfectly with the trend of homemade lemonades and ensures refreshingly delicious moments in everyday life.

As the market leader* in the chocolate cakes with fruit filling segment, GdB has developed a genuine success concept for the Griesson brand. The Soft Cake of the Year is becoming increasingly popular** with around 1.8 million buyers per year, 480,000 more than in 2022. The new mixed quarter displays together with the fast-moving Orange and Dark Chocolate soft cake and a total of 108 packs offer GdB retailers even more attention on the shopfloor and additional buying incentives. 

* Circan, food retailers + drugstores >= 200 sqm, sale 1,000 units, MAT August 2023
** GfK Consumer Panel MAT June 2023


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