Griesson - de Beukelaer presents three new Griesson brand products

The biscuit assortment reinterpreted: Griesson COOKIE BOX and Griesson CRUNCH TIME appeal to young target groups / New Griesson Soft Cake of the season, lemon coke

Griesson - de Beukelaer (GdB) is once again providing new inspiration on the confectionery shelf. The sweet and savoury biscuit manufacturer is launching three new products on the market in March and April under the traditional Griesson brand: the two modern COOKIE BOX and CRUNCH TIME biscuit assortments as well as the new Soft Cake of the season, lemon coke, promise top sales on the biscuit shelf.

GdB is literally mixing up the biscuit shelf with Griesson CRUNCH TIME: the new biscuit assortment, which will be on the market at the beginning of March, combines ten different favourite biscuits for the first time. Whether it's mini sandwich biscuits, wafer biscuits, cookies or Gl├╝cksKEX, there's something to suit every taste in the colourful box. With the grammage perfectly tailored to smaller households and the fresh packaging design, GdB is addressing a predominantly young, family target group with CRUNCH TIME. The sweet and savoury biscuit manufacturer has once again shown itself to be a trendsetter on the market with this modern reinterpretation of the classic biscuit assortment.

The Griesson COOKIE BOX is also young, modern and innovative: the new product, available from April, is the first mini cookie assortment on the market. Every biscuit fan will find their favourite among the three different varieties Double Chocolate, Double Chocolate Cacao and Triple Chocolate, all in mini format. The attractive box is not just a real eye-catcher visually but is also perfect for sharing and snacking together thanks to the detachable lid. GdB is particularly impressing the young target group for biscuit assortments with this.

Soft Cake meets soft drink: GdB is providing sparkling fruity refreshment in spring and summer with the new Griesson Soft Cake of the season, lemon coke. The trend version is convincing with its summery fresh, caffeine-free lemon coke filling, soft sponge cake and fine dark chocolate. GdB is catering to many consumers' tastes with this: coke is one of the most popular soft drinks. In the successful combination with the popular Griesson classic cake, on-top sales are guaranteed during the warm season. The Soft Cake of the season is available from March to September.
The traditional Griesson brand promises a wide range of indulgence at fair prices: that is why millions of people have trusted Griesson for generations. Griesson buys 100% UTZ-certified cocoa in order to sustainably improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers and protect the environment. UTZ supports cocoa farmers with training on social, ecological and economic measures.



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