Our actions are guided by integrity. This extends to dealing with our customers and suppliers, employers, shareholders and the public.

Both our strategic considerations and our day-today business must always be based on high ethical and legal standards. Honesty, sincerity and fairness are attributes of our internal communication as well as our dealings with our partners and public. As our target is sustainable growth the company is not interested only in the results, but also in how these results are achieved. We never tolerate illegal or unfair practices or discriminating behavior to reach our goals.

Our Compliance Guidelines contain binding rules which apply to all of us equally. They oblige us to act accordingly, and to refrain from everything that contradicts these rules

Our Compliance Guidelines

PDF 301 KB

Declaration of principles for the protection and respect of human rights

Declaration of principles for the protection and respect of human rights

PDF 1465 KB

Supplier Code of Conduct GdB

Supplier Code of Conduct


Griesson - de Beukelaer Sustainable Procurement Policy

Sustainable Procurement Policy



Whistleblower System

Please send your comments in confidence to:

Compliance Officer
Head of Legal Department

Christopher Scholz
Fon: +(49) 2654 401 1333
Fax: +(49) 2654 401 90333



External Ombudsperson's Office

Dr. Kathrin Niewiarra
c/o Lawyers Elke Schaefer
Sybelstr. 7 
10629 Berlin 
Fon: +(49) 30 6098 5291


Your information, for example on human rights and environmental risks or breaches of duty, will be kept strictly confidential by all contact persons. Neverthess, you should have reservations about giving your name, our ombudspersons will maintain a secure reporting channel for indications of possible compliance violations on the Internet. There, information can be submitted around the clock, anonymously and without traceability. You have the opportunity to contact the ombudspersons via the communication platform and exchange documents. In order to ensure that even the call of the whistleblowing system cannot be traced, we recommend that you use the following link in a trustworthy environment, in a new browser window and using the so-called "private window" (Firefox) or "incognito window" (Chrome): Whistleblower System

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