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How do I indulge?
Indulge – a simple word that can mean so much more. When you indulge, you give your soul pleasure: you can focus your attention on beautiful objects and pleasant events with all your senses and…
HomeThe right choice

Biscuits always conjure up a smile, they give us moments of happiness and sweeten our daily life. This is why we work every day to develop our baking tradition with modern…
Factory Kahla
Our factory in Kahla is characterised by new technical standards in the manufacture of baked goods. The factory, which was built in 1993, is one of the most modern in the whole of Europe and is…
Head office and factory Polch
Polch is the birthplace of the Soft Cake: Heinz Gries opened the factory in Polch in 1969, and thus laid the foundation stone for an all-round success story. The head office of our family company…

The perfect twist provides nibbling fun for everyone: hearty biscuit sticks baked from our delicious yeast dough.
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SchokoChoco Wafer

Chocolate wafer enjoyment? It comes from delicious hazelnut-nougat cream between two delicious crispy wafers, crowned with the finest chocolate. 
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Café MusicaCafé Musica

Cafe Musica is our composition of fine biscuits: the filled cocoa waffles, delicate butter biscuits and crunchy chocolate bears’ paws can make little moments special, cheer you up and…

We love biscuits and we love spending time together - that makes CRUNCHTIME our favorite time with delicious biscuits. 
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Erfrischungs-SticksChoco Citrus Sticks

Refreshment for summer days: Erfrischungs-Sticks have a typically fruity liquid filling coated in crunchy chocolate – a very special enjoyment when eaten chilled!
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