Our basis for delicious biscuits

We bake your favourite biscuits from the best ingredients. For us this means selecting the right raw materials, processing them safely and packing them sustainably. Therefore we attach great value not only to selecting our raw materials, but also to selecting our raw material suppliers. 


The most important thing is the quality and safety of the raw materials – because we only use the best raw materials to bake our biscuits, pastries and snacks. We work conscientiously with our suppliers on a basis of mutual trust, and review the processes regularly. In this way we also derive the specifications for every raw material, which precisely describe our requirements for the manufacture, transport and properties. One of the most important tests takes place when the raw materials are delivered to us – the sensory testing. We sample and taste whether the raw materials correspond to our ideas of quality. For us, flavour and quality belong together. If everything meets our requirements, the raw materials are released for production – and monitored throughout the process. Coordinated checkpoints provide us with values for our evaluation and documentation, and enable us always to monitor the raw materials and their processing accurately. 

Whether we are baking a biscuit or a pastry stick, they taste unique. For us this is important right from the start of baking: we need a different flour for our crisp pastry sticks than for our crunchy biscuits. For example, properties such as wet gluten, which is responsible for creating the dough structure, and the water absorption by the flour are crucial for our choice. This means that not all raw materials are the same, and for every product we use the raw materials that have the particular optimal characteristics. We use processed cocoa beans, for example, in the form of cocoa powder, liquid and solid chocolates, in our cocoa cream or in icings. 

Regionality and sustainability.
When we use raw materials, we want to know precisely where they come from. We obtain flour and cereals from mills that whenever possible are not far away from our production sites. The shortest possible transport routes are important to us when selecting suppliers, although what is possible for flour and cereals is only possible to a limited extent for cocoa, as this is grown in over 40 countries worldwide, particularly in West Africa and Central America. For the small farmers, growing cocoa is usually their most important source of income. As a member of the international, independent organisations UTZ and Fairtrade, we buy sustainably grown cocoa for our products. 

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