Cookies taste best when they are crispy. While Soft Cake should stay light and moist. The following tips help with storage and long-lasting indulgence:


  • Cookies, crispbread and ice cream wafers stay crispy when they are protected from moisture. To do this, it is best to put them in an air-tight container. Inside, the biscuits will not be able to absorb moisture from the air and will not become stale.
  • The same applies to pastry sticks: they will stay crispy in an air-tight container. Laying a slice of white bread on pastry sticks will additionally help in preventing the pastry sticks from absorbing moisture from the air.
  • Biscuits that should not be allowed to dry out, such as our Soft Cake, for example, are best placed in a resealable bag. Inside, the biscuit base remains light and moist.
  • Biscuits that have become too hard, having lost moisture, can be refreshed using an apple: cut the apple into small pieces and lay them beside the biscuits – the biscuits will then absorb the moisture.
  • Chocolate biscuits should not be stored too cold, as then the chocolate can become grey. It should also not be too warm either, or the chocolate will melt. It is therefore best to store chocolate biscuits just at normal room temperature.

And as a general rule: different sorts of biscuits should not be kept in the same container.

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