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The DeBeukelaer brand stands for a unique brand history, a high profile among consumers and consistent good quality. This classic brand of biscuits reminds biscuit lovers of traditional treats from their childhood days.  
Since 1870, DeBeukelaer has offered pleasure through its unique style of baking, following old craftsmen's traditions and of consistent high quality. Edouard de Beukelaer discovered especially tasty and nourishing biscuits in England, which were originally produced for seafarers. He then had a vision: and two biscuits filled with smooth chocolate cream became the legendary sandwich biscuit. The biscuits produced according to Edouard de Beukelaer’s successful recipes consist exclusively of the best, carefully selected natural ingredients. These high quality standards ensure one-of-a-kind moments of pleasure and a complete taste experience.  
Our quality guarantee promises excellent products because the DeBeukelaer product range contains only the best ingredients, such as best butter, wheat, milk and chocolate. The nutritional information on the back of the pack proves that all our biscuits are produced without preserving agents, artificial aromas, hardened fats or artificial colours.   
Cookies Bakery, ChocOlé, KEX and Cereola are DeBeukelaer’s renowned and successful biscuit varieties.

The best pleasure is a pleasure shared. So, at DeBeukelaer, we buy 100% UTZ certified cocoa from sustainable cultivation for our products... more
Find out here what lies behind the UTZ Certificate and what it means for products, consumers and cocoa farmers ...

At DeBeukelaer we enjoy making people happy with our biscuits.

And we know that happiness is greatest when it is shared. For this reason, we also want to contribute to improving the living conditions of the cocoa farmers and to protecting the environment.

This is why we buy 100% UTZ certified cocoa for the chocolate we use. This cocoa has been cultivated and harvested in a way which is socially, ecologically and economically sustainable.

Together with UTZ certified we contribute to the cocoa farmers being able to work more successfully and enjoy better living conditions. In return, they receive support in matters to do with environmental management, working conditions and running their business.

In this way DeBeukelaer brings more happiness to everyone: our partners around the Equator, future generations – and everyone who enjoys our products daily.

Learn more about the UTZ certified seal

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