Experience a magical pleasure with Prinzen Rolle biscuits: the Prinzen product range includes not only the unmistakable cocoa Prinzen Rolle biscuits with the mysterious Prinzen cream between high quality biscuits, but also a multitude of Prinzen Rolle sandwich biscuit varieties for a variety of taste experiences. Conveniently packed for at home and on the move, Prinzen Rolle biscuits offer the right portion size for every occasion.
Everyone will find their own favourite crunchy treat among our diverse Prinzen Rolle sandwich biscuit varieties: enjoy Prinzen Rolle biscuits, Prinzen Rolle Minis, Prinzen Rolle Milchschatz Minis or Prinzen Rolle Pocket biscuits  - and always be one step ahead in flavour.

So we buy 100% UTZ certified cocoa for our secret Prinzen cream and in this way, we support sustainable cocoa cultivation... more
Find out here what lies behind the UTZ Certificate and what it means for products, consumers and cocoa farmers ...

True princes fight for a good cause. They protect what is important to them and take responsibility. This is why we buy 100% UTZ certified cocoa for our mysterious Prinzen cream, and thus support sustainable cocoa cultivation.

In this way we are helping to protect nature and improve the living conditions of the cocoa farmers and their families – for example with training courses on matters to do with environmental protection, working conditions and running their business. This ensures higher cocoa quality in a short time and better incomes for the families.

Thus we can make a contribution towards a more sustainable environment together with everyone who enjoys our Prinzen Rolle.

Because true princes know that if you do good, you can make good things happen.

Learn more about the UTZ certified seal
Prinzen Rolle Kakao

From young to old - so many generations can't be wrong... more
Prinzen Rolle Choco Duo

Do you love the chocolaty taste of cocoa Prinzen Rolle biscuits? Why not try our Choco Duo Prinzen Rolle biscuits too... more
Prinzen Rolle Vollkorn

Multigrain turns into whole wheat! Experience the full flavour of our new Prinzen Rolle Vollkorn... more

Prinzen Rolle is also available in a practical mini format more
Prinzen Rolle Minis

Prinzen Rolle is also available in a practical mini format more
Prinzen Rolle Choco Double

The original now with extra chocolate: enjoy your own individual moment of chocolate enjoyment with Prinzen Rolle Choco Double. more


Prinzen Rolle