Since 1847, Wurzener pastry has traditionally stood for Saxon baking art of exceptional quality.

Wurzener is a high quality biscuit brand with the great taste of the past. The best ingredients and baking following the old craftsmen's tradition take care of this. Tried and tested recipes and the use of the best ingredients make these products delicacies for every occasion. Try our fine Wurzener Extra wafer biscuits in milk or dark chocolate. 

We only buy cocoa with the UTZ certified seal for our Wurzener Extra – for sustainable cocoa cultivation... more
Find out here what lies behind the UTZ Certificate and what it means for products, consumers and cocoa farmers ...

We only buy 100% UTZ certified cocoa for our Wurzener Extra.

In this way we help to improve the living conditions of the cocoa farmers and cultivate cocoa with respect for nature.

Learn more about the UTZ certified seal
Wurzener Extra

The crunchy, traditional wafer biscuit, made with the best ingredients, is something for real connoisseurs... more


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