Heinz Gries, chairman of the advisory board, and Andreas Land, managing director, stand together in a relaxed pose.
„I prefer to remember the future“
(Salvador Dalí)

Biscuits always conjure up a smile: this is the motivation that constantly drives us.
Because baked goods are a part of our life; they give us moments of happiness and sweeten our daily life. This is why it is important for Griesson - de Beukelaer to continue the over 100-year long tradition of home baking.  We always do this with a total awareness of our responsibility to you as biscuit lovers, to nature and to ourselves. So with us, you will find baked goods produced using natural ingredients, which bring the magic of the past back to life.  For who does not fondly remember the unrivalled taste of Prinzen Rolle from their childhood? Or the fruity-chocolaty experience of eating a Soft Cake?
We want to make people all over the world happy with our traditional specialities and also our brand new, innovative products. Because at Griesson – de Beukelaer, everyone will finds their favourite nibbles: our wide-ranging product line of tempting sweet baked goods or crispy savoury snacks always offers complete enjoyment of the finest, consistent quality. This standard can be measured again and again, and is confirmed by our numerous certificates demonstrating our top marks.  


In order to safeguard and preserve our natural resources for todays and future generations, we have been committed to sustainability for many years. 

Following our long tradition of baking, today too we still feel bound to produce with love our baked products which meet the highest quality standards.



Prinzen Rolle