Fairtrade –
one seal, two colours

Fairtrade labels goods that originate from fair trade and whose production complies with strict social, ecological and economic criteria. The certification programme awards the seal in a white and black version. We will be happy to explain to you what the seals on our packaging stand for:

With the white Fairtrade raw material seal we indicate that the cocoa we buy for this product is 100% Fairtrade grown and traded. The arrow denotes the mass balance. The term mass balance means that sustainable raw materials are not transported and processed separately from non-certified goods along the entire supply chain. This leads both flows of goods mixing. There are no changes to the Fairtrade standards in the growing countries – the cooperatives receive stable minimum prices and premiums. You will find the white Fairtrade raw material seal, for example, on the packaging for cookies or chocolate biscuits. 

The black Fairtrade product seal indicates that all ingredients that are available under Fairtrade conditions are Fairtrade certified. For our Griesson Fair Cookies, these are Fairtrade certified cocoa and sugar. Biscuits are usually "mixed products" because the recipes always consist of several ingredients. The small arrow denotes the "mixed products" and the use of the mass balance and supplements the Fairtrade logo on the Griesson Fair Cookies packaging. 

The Fairtrade label enables small farmers to achieve stable minimum prices and long-term trading relationships for a secure livelihood. In addition, they receive community bonuses that can be invested in social projects in their home country as well as in the farming quality or productivity. 

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