How do I indulge?

Indulge – a simple word that can mean so much more. When you indulge, you give your soul pleasure: you can focus your attention on beautiful objects and pleasant events with all your senses and consciously pause for a moment as a result. The little bit of relaxation begins at the moment you devote yourself to an object: for example, when you're making a coffee for a short break and opening a packet of biscuits. 

You could wolf the biscuit down or eat it with your coffee, but then you won't taste the biscuit or the coffee. The secret of indulgence is being consciously aware. Stop for a moment and concentrate on the biscuit's positive delights: this could be the crunchy chocolate, crispy biscuit or a fruity filling. This bit of concentration already displaces any negative thoughts or unpleasant feelings and you relax. 

If you want to indulge in something, then you should take your time and treat yourself. Always consciously choose your little indulgence and decide what you fancy and what will do you good. It is important to take your time because the more consciously you eat, the less you will consume in the end. The best thing about it is that you can introduce this form of indulgence as a little ritual every day and make your breaks even sweeter with this. 

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