Fruity, crisp or chocolaty: with its wide selection of products, Griesson offers exactly the right thing for every biscuit lover. We promise you well-crafted biscuit enjoyment of the highest quality, from our family for your family.

The Griesson biscuit tradition goes back to the year it was founded, 1924. Our Griesson Soft Cake in particular has been known and loved for over 30 years.

"That little bit of family happiness"

Griesson Soft Cake Biscuit
Soft Cake
family time with Griesson - de Beukelaer
Griesson we love what we bake
Griesson Cookies
Chocolate Mountain Cookies
Griesson our promise
Griesson Biscuit Assortment Café Musica
Biscuit Assortment Café Musica
Griesson Fair Cookies
Fair Cookies
Griesson Soft Cake Cookie
Soft Cake Cookie
Biscuit assortment Cookie time
Biscuit Assortment "Cookie Time"
family time with Griesson - de Beukelaer
Griesson Choco Sticks
Choco Sticks
Griesson Sandwich cookie
Sandwich cookie
Griesson Cookie Chocolate Bar
Cookie Chocolate Bar
Sustainable raw materials
Sustainable raw materials
family time with Griesson - de Beukelaer
Griesson Choco Citrus Sticks
Griesson Pastry Sticks Twist'n'Snack
Choco biscuits
Griesson Chocolate Mountain Cookies Extra
Chocolate Mountain Cookies Extra
Family time with Griesson

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