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In the ingredients text on the packaging we declare the contents in accordance with the food laws in force, with possible allergens highlighted in bold. We also voluntarily state cross-contamination with allergens in bold. Please always take note of the information on the pack in question, as recipe changes are possible.

We currently only have a small number of biscuits in our product range that are manufactured without milk products. These include Griesson Soft Cake with dark chocolate, De Beukelaer Cereola Oat Cookie and De Beukelaer Decor On Ice ice cream cornets. However, we cannot exclude small traces of lactose due to cross-contamination. We point this out in the ingredients list with the words “Can contain traces of milk”.

All our products are manufactured with cereals that contain gluten or can contain traces of this. We state the particular source, for example wheat, for all ingredients in the ingredients text. In addition, cross-contamination with all other types of cereal is possible because there can be impurities in the field or at the grain mills. Therefore unfortunately none of our products is suitable for people who have a gluten intolerance or only have an allergic reaction to certain types of cereal.

We currently have no products in our range that contain peanuts as a component of the recipe. However, during the manufacture of the raw materials and during production the ingredients might be slightly contaminated by peanut residues, so-called cross-contamination. We declare this in the ingredients text by stating “Can contain traces of peanuts”, as peanuts are not actually tree nuts (colloquially known as nuts). For this reason peanuts are always listed separately in the ingredients text and as information for allergy sufferers.

Only a small number of our products contain nuts, such as hazelnuts or cashews, and almonds as a recipe element. If a biscuit contains almonds or nuts, we declare this in the ingredients text. However, traces of nuts or almonds might sporadically occur in products that do not contain either nuts or almonds. This applies in particular to all products containing chocolate, in which possible cross-contamination from nut elements must be expected. We refer to this in the ingredients text by stating “Can contain traces of tree nuts”.

Many of our biscuits contain hens’ egg products as an ingredient. When the recipe for any product includes hens’ eggs products we declare this in the ingredient list on the product packaging.
Nonetheless, there can be minor cross-contamination in products manufactured without any hens’ eggs components, for example when biscuits containing egg are manufactured using the same production facility as biscuits without egg. We are unable to completely rule out contaminants of this kind, and therefore state in the ingredient text “Can contain traces of egg”.

E471 is an emulsifier which we use for manufacturing our baked goods. E471 consists of glycerides from fatty acids such as rape, soya or sunflower oil, and is always purely of plant origin.

You can find information on the nutritional values and the ingredients of all our products on the product packaging and in the product descriptions.

We support a variety of social, cultural and sports projects – although only at our sites in Polch, Kahla and Wurzen. We took a deliberate decision on this in order to underline our regional connection with these locations.

For all carnival-goers we offer items for handing out, which we have specially attuned to the Carnival season. During the promotional period you can order directly from us in advance at the offer prices and collect the material for handing out from our De Beukelaer FACTORY OUTLETS.

Please only use our complaints form for this and provide us with all the necessary details. When the complaints form is used we guarantee that your complaint will be dealt with promptly.

No, we do not offer any factory tours. Our company is certified in accordance with the highest food standards and is subject to the strictest quality and hygiene requirements, which unfortunately do not permit us to offer factory tours.

We have no longer produced any separate products for diabetics since 2012, as according to the existing dietary regulation these are no longer desired. The background to this is that the legislator assumes that diabetics are able to eat “normal” foods if they count the carbohydrate units accordingly. This means that all our products can be eaten by diabetics provided they take account of the carbohydrates from the table of nutritional values.

The Prinzen Rolle tin is not part of our standard product range and is only available on special occasions and promotions. We announce our promotions via our website and our social media channels.

The giant Prinzen Rolle is not part of our standard product range and is only available on special occasions and promotions. We announce our promotions via our website and our social media channels.

We are committed to sustainability so as to safeguard and conserve the natural resources of the present and future generations. We therefore support the sustainable cultivation and use of palm oil, and use UTZ Certified cocoa and organic raw materials. (Link)

Palm oil is a purely plant oil that is obtained from the fruit of the oil palm. Its properties make it excellently suited to being used in baked goods: palm oil harmonises very well with cocoa butter, and delays the formation of the white fat bloom that forms on chocolate-covered products when they are stored. Palm oil is also ideal for cream fillings as it ensures a smooth consistency. For our products we exclusively use palm oil that is sustainably cultivated and meets the sustainability standards for production and use issued by the RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil).

With the increasing worldwide demand for palm oil, more and more areas are being set aside for cultivating palm oil. When forests are felled or peat bogs are dried out and our environment is polluted in the long term, or when the excessive use of pesticides poses a risk to people, these are problems that need to be taken seriously. The RSPO certificate (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) therefore stands for ecologically and socially responsible action: in the cultivation areas the growers consciously refrain from planting oil palms in forests and using pesticides, and the management of waste is improved. We have been a member of the RSPO since 29 March 2010, and since 2015 as a member of the Forum for Sustainable Palm Oil (FONAP) we have been committed to a transparent supply chain that guarantees traceability back to the origin of the palm oil.

UTZ Certified cocoa comes from sustainable cultivation and represents “goodness”. As well as the quality seal, the UTZ programme supports cocoa farmers, workers and their families with training on environmental protection, working conditions and business management. We buy 100% UTZ Certified cocoa for all our branded products and thus make an important contribution to sustainably improving the cocoa quality and the families’ incomes.

No. All the ingredients, additives and flavourings that we use for our products are neither obtained from genetically modified organisms, nor do they consist of these. Our products are therefore not subject to the labelling requirement in accordance with Regulation (EC) 1829/2003 and Regulation (EC) 1830/2003.

We use animal ingredients such as milk and egg products in nearly all our products, however we do not use ingredients obtained from dead animals, pigs or cows. 

The emulsifiers we use are all of plant origin. The milk products we use are produced microbially or enzymatically. There can be small quantities of alcohol in flavourings as a carrier substance, but this evaporates during baking.

On the basis of the information available to us, the following products for example are free from alcohol:

  • Butter biscuits
  • Pastry sticks
  • Sandwich Cookie (Cocoa, Vanilla)
  • Crispy bread
  • Thin chocolate covered wafers

No, none of our products contain gelatine. 

Many of our products are suitable for a vegetarian diet. To make it easier for vegetarians to find their way round, we identify our vegetarian products with the V label of the European Vegetarian Union (EVU). We use animal ingredients such as milk and egg products in nearly all our products, however we do not use ingredients obtained from dead animals, pigs or cows. 

Only our products De Beukelaer Decor On Ice ice cream cones and LEICHT&CROSS Knusperwaffel are suitable for vegans. All our other products contain milk or egg products, and are therefore not vegan.

Do you still have an unanswered question? Then please contact us.


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