Why do we bake biscuits with sugar?

We bake biscuits so that you can enjoy them. For us, “enjoying” means savouring the full flavour, eating in a sensible and balanced way.

That is why it is important to us that you enjoy our biscuits sensibly: Griesson Soft Cake, cookies and biscuits: they all contain sugar as well as flour and cocoa. Sugar is an important raw material in many recipes because of its properties. It rounds off the flavour of biscuits with its sweetness. Not only does sugar add flavour, it also has other important properties. During baking, the sugar in the dough makes the biscuit go slightly brown. This also produces roasted flavours, which are important for the taste of our biscuits. Both are chemical processes caused by the heating of sugar and proteins. During baking, sugar is crucial for another important quality: it contributes decisively to the volume of our biscuits. 

The flavour, colour, and volume of biscuits are influenced by sugar. We ensure all of these qualities with our recipes. It is therefore particularly important for us to change neither the flavour nor the colour nor the volume when we revise a biscuit recipe. At the same time, we want to reduce sugar wherever possible. Our alteration of recipes is focused on normal sucrose, which we can replace with starch, flour, or glucose syrup, for example. As a first step, we are reducing the sugar content by 10 percent, thanks to a slight change in the recipe – without changing anything in the biscuit’s flavour, colour, or volume. The alteration can be promoted on the packaging from a change of 30 percent. 

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