Tasty, and safely packaged

Packages serve an important purpose: they protect our products so that they arrive at your home in the same condition in which they left our production line. Our demand of each package is that it preserves the taste, appearance and quality of our biscuits and snacks right up until the best-before date at the very least. For this purpose, we select the right material for the packaging for each product and strive to use as little packaging as possible but as much as is necessary. That’s because, apart from reducing packaging material, our main aim is to avoid food wastage by using good and carefully-considered packaging.

That’s why we always consider the entire life cycle of a product on our journey towards more sustainable packaging. In order to reduce the amount of plastic in our packaging, for example, we do away with sorting inserts completely for Griesson Soft Cake. Completely doing away with plastic in packaging isn’t yet possible with the current state of technology. Food safety is always top priority for us: foil wrapping made from plastic reliably protects our biscuits and snacks and guarantees their shelf lives.

In those places where we can’t do away with plastic, our aim to use recyclable materials. For products where this is technically possible, and the safety of the food product is not at risk, we use foils made from a single material. They are very easy to recycle. By changing over to transparent sorting inserts, we have significantly improved the recyclability: sorting plants can identify the transparent plastic based on the type of material much more easily than the coloured plastics. This also improves the sorting of recyclable materials for recycling. The granules gained from this can then be used to produce new goods or packaging.

In the foodstuffs sector in particular, it is a challenge to make packaging more sustainable. That’s why it’s important for us to gradually improve and continue to develop new packaging solutions.

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