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Whether fruity, crisp or chocolaty, with its wide product range Griesson offers the right choice for every biscuit lover. We promise smart biscuit consumption as you will always receive top quality.  
The Griesson biscuit tradition stretches back to when  it was founded in 1924. Above all, Griesson Soft Cakes have been well-known and popular for over 30 years. Soft Cakes combine a chocolaty taste and a fruity treat on soft egg biscuit. However, treats such as Chocolate Mountain Cookies, Schoko Keks or the Café Musica biscuit assortment will also spoil you with outstanding quality and the finest taste experience. 

Millions of biscuit connoisseurs place their trust in Griesson. By buying 100% UTZ certified cocoa for our products, we want to continue to live up to their trust... more
Find out here what lies behind the UTZ Certificate and what it means for products, consumers and cocoa farmers ...

Griesson promises varied enjoyment at fair prices. For this reason millions of people have trusted Griesson for generations.

We buy 100% UTZ certified cocoa for our delicious baked goods.

The UTZ certified seal shows that:
We buy cocoa which sustainably improves the living conditions of the cocoa farmers and protects the environment, because UTZ certified supports the cocoa farmers with training courses on social, ecological and economic measures.

Thus together with everyone who enjoys Griesson we can contribute a little every day to sustaining the livelihoods of future generations.

Learn more about the UTZ certified seal
Unsere Kekszeit

Unsere Kekszeit by Griesson is the first biscuit assortment to offer the perfect biscuit for every member of your family... more
Soft Cake

With 55% filling, Soft Cakes promise a special type of taste experience. more
Soft Cake Heimische Früchte

Our Soft Cake Heimische Früchte creation delivers the full flavour of German orchards... more

Dainty vanilla cream together with crisp chocolate biscuits: Griesson BLACK5 are now available... more
Café Musica

Café Musica makes indulgence truly fun: a wonderful composition of the most varied biscuit specialties, made of choice ingredients... more
Chocolate Mountain Cookies

We take you to the height of temptation! Baked following our sophisticated American recipe... more
Chocolate Mountain Cookies Extra

We take you to the height of temptation! Baked following our sophisticated American recipe... more
Choco Sticks

Irresistible: this rectangular biscuit has a taste beyond compare... more
Duo Keks

Extra crunchy with an extra large amount of cream! Enjoy our crunchy Duo Keks biscuits... more

Griesson’s Erfrischungssticks (refreshment sticks) are the perfect treat on hot summer days… more
Schoko Keks

The perfect moment of pleasure! This perfect mixture of crisp biscuit and melt-in-the-mouth chocolate is simply delightful... more
Shaun the sheep

New crispy fun from the Griesson brand: The characters in the animated cult series “Shaun the sheep” were the inspiration for the delicious mini shortbread biscuits... more

A chocolaty waffle treat: try our Café Musica chocolate waffles... more

Our savoury biscuit sticks, Twist´n´Snack, are perfect for any occasion... more
Die Biene Maja

Crunchy nibbling for all the family: the lovingly designed biscuit figures from the world of Maya the Bee more


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