Energy efficiency
as part of our
sustainable activities

At Griesson - de Beukelaer we are committed to continuously improving our energy-related performance: We regularly review the type and extent of energy input and consumption for the manufacture of our products to further develop our production processes using the most efficient techniques. We are also continuously reducing the fresh water consumption at all our locations. 

"With a view to the three global challenges of resource conservation, climate change and water scarcity, we are therefore making our contribution to climate and environmental protection and sustainable action," says Lars Papstein, Coordinator for Security, Environmental Protection and Energy. "Our energy management system in accordance with DIN EN ISO 50001 helps us achieve the goals we have set ourselves and guarantee a continuous improvement process. At the same time, our planning processes are based on the procurement and use of the most energy-efficient products and services possible. Compliance with applicable legal obligations, customer-specific requirements and internal company standards go without saying for us."

800 meters measure the electricity, gas and water consumption at our locations. The data is processed and analysed with the help of a software system. In recent years, we have been able to implement a large number of projects on the basis of this data and make the building and infrastructure much more energy-efficient: we have carried out many measures, from the modernisation of our hall lighting, the use of energy-efficient pumps and drives to adapted hall air conditioning systems. 

The focus is not only on improvements to existing machines and plants, but also on new technologies: for some years now, we have been generating electricity for our own needs using combined heat and power units. The resulting heat is fed into our hot water and heating systems. We cover another part of our electricity requirements with photovoltaic systems on hall roofs. We equip newly installed ovens with heat recovery. "Part of the oven waste heat is fed to the heating burners, which means that we noticeably reduce the energy required for the baking process," says Lars Papstein.

To ensure continuous development, there are energy teams at each of our locations who work together with the employees on the production lines to identify and implement new ideas and improvements. "We regularly check our management system and therefore our compliance with specifications, our achievement of objectives and improvement of energy-related performance using internal and external audits."

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