New seal:
Rainforest Alliance

Cocoa is one of our most important raw materials, and is often right at the top of our lists of ingredients. In 2012, we became the first food producer on the German biscuit market to use UTZ-certified cocoa only in our branded products. This was a key development in the drive for sustainable cocoa.

The UTZ programme is now part of the Rainforest Alliance. The Alliance works for a better future for people and nature by helping to establish responsible business practices. Cocoa farmers are trained in more sustainable farming practices, which lead to greater crop yields, higher income and better environmental protection. These include, for example, natural pest management methods and better pruning practices. You can find out more about the Rainforest Alliance on its website at

You will be seeing the new Rainforest Alliance seal on our packaging as of now. The new seal with the frog is the next step towards sustainability and was chosen with a reason: tree frogs are found in all continents of the world with the exception of Antarctica. Wherever they live, their presence is a clear sign of a balanced and thriving natural ecosystem. Achieving a healthy planet on which humans and nature develop in harmony with each other is at the heart of the Rainforest Alliance mission. Here at Griesson - de Beukelaer, we want to contribute to a better future for people and nature. That is why we purchase our cocoa from UTZ and Rainforest Alliance-certified farms.

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