Biscuit encyclopaedia:
Biscuit, shortcrust pastry or hardtack?

For baking, you need flour, eggs and sugar – but what kinds of biscuits can we make with these ingredients?

Biscuits are also known as spongy egg biscuits because their dough is at least two-thirds egg. We beat the eggs to produce a light and fluffy dough. The spongy egg biscuits stay delicate and soft after baking – making them perfect for our Soft Cakes. 

Butter biscuits
A biscuit can only be called a butter biscuit if the dough contains at least 10 per cent butter. You shouldn’t use other fats, this will ensure that the butter biscuits will still have a buttery taste after baking.

The foundations for sandwich cookies are hardtack biscuits whose dough, in contrast to that of butter biscuits, doesn’t need to contain at least 10 per cent butter. The dough is very solid yet stretchy and is shaped before being baked. For our sandwich cookies, we print patterns and prick holes in the dough using a roller, for example. By being baked, the dough turns into crisp biscuits that don’t break easily. Perfect for filling with our cocoa cream. 

For digestives, we knead the main ingredients – flour, sugar and fat. The pastry is described as “short” as it’s loose and crisp and crumbles into small pieces when you bite into it. The digestives taste particularly delicious when paired with milk chocolate. 

Wafer batter
Wafer batter is a lot runnier than the other types of dough and pastry that we have mentioned. For this reason, we bake it between two heated surfaces: They give the wafers their honeycomb-like surface and gentle crunch. Wafers are still quite malleable after baking and can be shaped into ice-cream cones or wafer rolls. When they’ve fully cooled we coat them with chocolate or fill them: We use hazelnut creme for the chocolate wafers and vanilla creme for the ice-cream cones. 

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