Second choice and best taste

During the production of our biscuits and snacks, it can happen that not all products that come off the production line can be sold on the market. Every day we do our best to ensure that as few rejects as possible are produced throughout the process. But if this happens, it is particularly important for us that we use the products sensibly.

Seconnd choice for price-conscious customers 
Biscuits and snacks do not meet their specification if, for example, they are not properly shaped, coated with too much or too little chocolate or not properly packaged. These deviations can occur because we have put a new production plant into operation or technical faults have occurred in the process. We offer these products as second choice in our De Beukelaer FACTORY OUTLETS at lower prices. In our Factory Outlets you will therefore always find biscuits in our offer which are opened or irregularly chocolate coated.


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