What does the V-Label stand for?

The V-Label indicates vegetarian and vegan products and is an internationally recognised and protected trademark of ProVeg International e.V. Products bearing the V-Label are regularly checked on the basis of uniform criteria – this makes it an important guide for vegetarian and vegan nutrition.

Biscuits, baked goods and snacks from Griesson - de Beukelaer are suitable for a vegetarian diet. Our ingredients meet the standards across all stages of production and processing. For our vegan recipes, we take an even closer look to ensure that they do not come into contact with non-vegan raw materials. This starts with the selection of our suppliers and haulage contractors and also the monitoring that raw materials and ingredients undergo until they are delivered to us. We pay particular attention to thoroughness in the cleaning of our plant and machinery, and we ensure strict separation of our products up to packing. Processes are checked at regular intervals on site in production: documents and work stages are tested, as are the recipes and ingredients.

We emphasise this claim by putting the V-Label on our packaging: for easier orientation we label products such as the Griesson Soft Cake with the V-Label “vegetarian”. Our crispbreads with vegan recipes can bear the V-Label “vegan”.

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