Griesson Soft Cake Banana: An exotic flavour for total enjoyment

New creation features the trend fruit banana / Available from retailers now

Chocolate and banana – it’s a combination that has always been a popular classic flavour in these parts! With the Griesson Soft Cake Banana (300 gm), Grieson – de Beukelaer (GdB) is now bringing a new variety to the confectionery shelf – with a fruity banana filling, soft sponge and a crunchy layer of fine chocolate.  

With the new creation, GdB is meeting the flavour that is popular with consumers: because after apple, banana is the most popular fruit variety for Germans, who eat almost twelve kilograms of the fruit per capita every year (source: Statista, 2017). So it is no surprise that the number of banana-flavoured foods went up by 35 percent from 2012 to 2015 (source: Mintel, GNPD 2016). The new Griesson Soft Cake Banana picks up this trend to enliven the confectionery shelf. The new variety of Griesson Soft Cake will be supported by an eye-catching mixed display in secondary placements, which will combine the successful Banana and Cherry varieties.



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