GdB product developer Tim-Arne Sidenstein receives sponsorship prize from Goldener Zuckerhut Foundation

Important award for young talents in the German food industry / Griesson - de Beukelaer congratulates him on success

Tim-Arne Sidenstein, product developer at Griesson - de Beukelaer (GdB), has received the renowned sponsorship prize from the Goldener Zuckerhut Foundation. This important award from the German food industry is awarded annually to ten outstanding young talents from all areas of the food industry. Andreas Nickenig, spokesman for the management of GdB, said: “This is a well-earned success for Mr Sidenstein – we warmly congratulate him. We are proud that his commitment is also seen and honoured outside our company!” 

The decision on awarding the honour to young talents is taken by the Board of Trustees and the Foundation Board of the Goldener Zuckerhut Foundation, whose members are eminent representatives of the food sector. Tim-Arne Sidenstein, who has been with GdB since 2015 and is currently employed as a team leader in the product development division, won the jury over with his commitment and clear goals: the master confectioner is currently studying part-time for a Bachelor’s degree specialising in food management and technology. The 28-year-old will use the prize money of € 10,000 that is associated with the award to continue these studies. 

The Goldener Zuckerhut Foundation is a joint initiative by retailers, industry and a major specialist medium, “Lebensmittel Zeitung”. Its objective is to sponsor the further education of qualified young talents in the food industry. For this purpose the Foundation’s revenues are distributed in the form of sponsorship prizes, which are awarded annually at the sector’s “Goldener Zuckerhut” event.



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