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Superfoods and super delicious: New LEICHT&CROSS range Mein KnusperViva

Available from retailers from September / Crisp enjoyment in the varieties “Quinoa” and “Buckwheat”

Fans of the popular crispbread brand LEICHT&CROSS have good reason to be happy: From September, the newly-created range LEICHT&CROSS Mein KnusperViva will be available, combining airily crisp enjoyment with selected superfoods in the varieties “Quinoa” and “Buckwheat” (125 gm., RRP € 1.29). 


Superfoods are on everyone’s lips – foods that are not only delicious, but also ideal for health-conscious eating. Buckwheat, for example, has been grown on the Asian steppes for around 4,500 years and offers an aromatically nutty taste experience. Quinoa is known as the sacred grain of the Incas, and gives the crunchy crispbread an especially tasty note. So the two new LEICHT&CROSS varieties form the ideal basis for extravagant toppings. How about fresh avocado and sesame seeds on cream cheese, or fruity figs combined with goats’ cheese?


Like all the varieties of the popular crispbread, the new varieties of LEICHT&CROSS Mein KnusperViva are also characterised by the best natural ingredients and are ideal for consumers who value conscious nutrition and easy-going crisp enjoyment. 



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