Hot, spicy and uniquely crispy: The new Tortilla Style Tourinos from DeBeukelaer

A new variety made with real tortilla chips available starting in September

Hot and spicy nibbling fun for all snack lovers: DeBeukelaer presents the new Tourino biscuit stick variety, Tortilla Style, which will be available starting in September (125 grams, recommended retail price EUR 1.49). Real tortilla chips are baked into the new, sophisticatedly twisted pastry sticks creating a uniquely crispy, hot and spicy taste experience – perfect for dipping or enjoying on their own. Whether as a small appetiser with your aperitif, as a party snack to enjoy with friends or simply as a crispy treat in the evening – the Tortilla Style Tourinos are perfect for social snack moments.

Like the three other flavours – Rosemary, Tangy Cheese, and Sea Salt and Black Pepper – the Tortilla Style Tourinos are available in a convenient, resealable pack. This way, the sophisticated snacks with a twist stay crispy for even longer – for fresh enjoyment at home or on the go.



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