Why do we rely on paper sorting trays?

Delicious cookies and snacks are available in a more sustainable packaging: Our Griesson Cookies, Cereola Der Klassiker and Tourinos from De Beukelaer now come in a paper sorting tray. The paper we use for this is FSC-certified and is disposed of with the waste paper: it is processed and comes back into circulation as recycled paper. As a result, they meet two requirements that we place on our packaging: they are recyclable and we are able to reduce plastic by replacing it with paper. The result? We save more than half of the plastic used per package up to now with the new trays. 

The cookies and pastry sticks are still packed in foil – but why? The most important requirement for packaging is our quality mindset: our products should arrive at your home in the same condition as when they leave our production facility. It must therefore be ensured that every package preserves the taste, appearance and quality of our products. The foil ensures this aspiration is met. At the same time, we want to provide you with a practical experience at home and are pursuing the goal of using as little packaging as possible, as much as necessary. For this reason, we carefully select the packaging materials and carefully check the foil used.

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