At Griesson - de Beukelaer, employees are always the focus of our operations. This is also reflected by various awards:

The latest survey of the German newsmagazine FOCUS and the business plattform XING finds Griesson - de Beukelaer among Germany's best employers 2017.

Over a number of years the Chambers of Commerce and Industry have given awards to Griesson – de Beukelaer for outstanding training and exemplary junior staff development.


The following aspect is just as important: we do not underpay our trainees and graduates. For this reason, we are a member of the employer initiative "Fair Company". A respectful and responsible approach to trainees and students who are about to graduate is a matter of course for us.



This means that we...

  • not replace full-time positions with trainees,
  • not fob off graduates who have applied for permanent positions
    by offering them a work placement,
  • not lure trainees with the vague prospect of a subsequent
    full-time position, 
  • ...primarily offer work placements related to the trainee’s professional
    orientation during the training phase,
  • trainees adequate expenses.


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